Happy Yoga Shapes Work Summary


Video Content Creation: Designed and produced a series of captivating videos tailored for social media platforms, optimizing engagement and brand visibility. Crafted a compelling landing page video that served as a powerful introduction to the client's offerings, effectively engaging visitors and conveying the value proposition.

Video Sales Letter (VSL): Conceptualized and created a compelling VSL, strategically positioned to upsell to potential customers, driving higher conversions and revenue generation.

Educational Video Lessons: Developed a comprehensive set of video lessons, enhancing the value of the client's video course and providing learners with actionable insights and knowledge.

Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Strategy: Devised an efficient and streamlined sales funnel that effectively guided prospects from initial awareness to successful conversion. Engineered a captivating acquisition offer that enticed potential customers to engage with the client's offerings.

Upsell Integration: Seamlessly integrated an additional webpage into the sales funnel, promoting an advanced version of the course and maximizing revenue potential from engaged prospects.

Checkout System and Process: Developed a user-friendly checkout system that streamlined the purchasing process, minimizing friction and reducing drop-offs during the transaction.

Digital Course

LMS Integration: Integrated a cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS) software into the website, providing enrolled students with a secure and accessible platform to access their purchased course materials.

Support Terms

We’ve established a comprehensive support and maintenance plan for your project. With a three-month timeframe, we’ll provide technical assistance, bug fixes, and address inquiries. Minor text changes are part of the package to keep your content current. Additionally, we’re responsible for maintaining your site’s functionality and security, offering free hosting for the first year, followed by an annual $200 fee. We’re committed to transparent communication and a successful collaboration, ensuring your project’s success.